Interest Rates

Interest Rates

NFA will send the firm an invoice for the minimum dues ($125,000) minus any amount already paid for that year. Thereafter, NFA assesses dues on the firm’s membership renewal date and will base them on the FDM’s most recent certified financial statement. All FDMs must file their certified financial statements with NFA even if NFA is not the firm’s designated self-regulatory organization . If NFA is not the DSRO, the firm may file the statement either in hard copy or through Winjammer™, in which case the firm will need to contact NFA for a personal identification number. An FDM must adopt and enforce written procedures to address security, capacity, credit and risk management controls, recordkeeping, and trade integrity with regard to its electronic trading platform.

Before we even consider featuring a broker in our list we make sure to check they are regulated, however their regulatory status can always change so it is always pays to check their current regulatory status.The online Forex broker needs to be registered with the proper regulatory body. For example, sites within the United States are governed by the National Futures Association while also registered with the U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission . In the United Kingdom, the platform must offer evidence that it is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. Note that this oversight refers to the country where the broker is based. The best sites will offer numerous avenues of support including telephone, email and live chat.

Account Managers

An appropriate supervisory personnel must sign the questionnaire stating that the Members’ operations have been evaluated based on the questionnaire and give attestation that the Members’ procedures comply with all applicable NFA requirements. The notice must identify the categories of non-public personal information that your firm discloses and the categories of affiliates and non-affiliates that your firm will disclose the information to. The notice must inform the customer that it may opt out of the disclosure and must provide a reasonable means for the customer to exercise its opt-out right.

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Applicable interest rates will be given as on the date / time of receipt of the funds by the bank. When booking FD through NetBanking please note the actual interest rate being applied on the «Confirm» screen. This screen appears before you confirm your request for opening a new FD. In order to see the latest information, we request you to clear your browsers cache to see the updated interest rates. The RMU must have sufficient authority; qualified personnel; and financial, operational and other resources to carry out the firm’s Risk Management Program.


Federal Reserve’s policy meeting later on Wednesday even though the Central bank is expected to signal no change in policy. The euro was further pressured after the German government on Wednesday slashed its growth forecast for Europe’s largest economy to 3% this year, a sharp revision from last autumn’s estimate of 4.4%, caused by a second coronavirus lockdown. FXStreet is the leading independent portal dedicated to the Foreign Exchange market. It was launched in 2000 and the portal has always been proud of their unyielding commitment to provide objective and unbiased information, to enable their users to take better and more confident decisions. The central bank is unlikely to raise rates before 2024 despite improvement in the economic outlook. Adding to the upbeat mood, data revealed that the German economy performed better in the April – June period than initially thought.

Domestic, Nro And Nre Savings Rate

On the other hand, the big increase in the prior number means that the new number is actually a bigger that expected reduction from the previous month instead of an increase. The expected number was 1.6 below the previous number, yet the report that came out was 2.7 below the revision of the previous number (a -1.1 deviation from expectations). MiFID II and MiFIR ensure fairer, safer and more efficient markets and facilitate greater transparency for all participants. New reporting requirements and tests increase the amount of information available, and reduce the use of dark pools and OTC trading.

In those cases where a customer’s account had either no open positions at the end of the monthly statement or any changes to the account balance since the prior statement, the Member is must still provide a monthly statement at least once every three months. Members or their Associates are required to obtain certain personal and financial information from a customer. At a minimum, Members or their Associates must obtain the customer’s true name, address, principal occupation or business, and previous investment, futures trading and forex trading experience. For customers who are individuals, the Member or Associate must obtain the customer’s net worth or net assets and current estimated annual income or the previous year’s annual income.

If anybody wants to learn about revisions look no further than what happened with non farm payroll news yesterday. Dollar negative headline number but dollar positive revision number led to initial spike in one direction before it went the opposite way on revision number. Last time it was reported at 88.6 but yesterday when the new report came out they changed the previous number to 90.6 suggesting it was higher than they reported the last time. The new number was 87.9 suggesting it had dropped not 0.7 but 2.7 indicating things are worse than they thought.

This will require no deposit and while it can only be used for a predetermined amount of time, demo accounts will enable a potential trader to understand the workings of the site in question. Brokers which do not provide such an opportunity should be approached with caution. One of the main attractive characteristics of Forex trading is that traders will normally not be required to place a great deal of money down to open an account . Another sign of a reputable platform is one which will provide numerous entry levels based upon the needs of the trader. The Forex Market is the largest market in the world in terms of volume with over 4 trillion dollars exchanged daily.

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