2bdrm Apartment in Old

2bdrm Apartment in Old
2bdrm Apartment in Old
2bdrm Apartment in Old River District is being renovated and renovated as part of the project to transform a small property in the area into a rental housing facility with a new parking lot.

Officials for the South Portland Neighbourhood Coalition (STNPC) believe a significant development will enhance their community’s access to public housing and improve community quality.

Mayor RoseAnn DeMoro expressed concern over the «huge potential» of the development and expressed concerns about the project. She suggested that the planned location of the new community would have a negative impact on the city’s budget.

Portland Police Department (PD) Senior Special Unit Chief Mark J. Wiedemann announced the addition in court Wednesday and said the project would not be new because it was not yet affordable.

Wiedemann said he and his officers will be adding up the total expenses of the project over the next few months. He also said any money that has not yet been put in reserve has another potential to be spent during the construction but for now it would be better to invest in existing rentals. Currently those units are already under construction in the city. 2bdrm Apartment in Old
«We are hoping that this project will be done right before the 2016 Portland elections so anyone who wants to participate can come to our neighborhood events to enjoy a day of activities,» said Police Department spokeswoman Alicia Anderson. «All that cost is part of it, of course.»

An STNPC spokesperson said they were «sh